List of European countries

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Total area (km2)Total area (sq mi)Notes
1 Russia*Russian Matrimony European Region3,969,1001,532,5003,995,200 km2 (1,542,600 sq mi) including the disputed territory of Crimea; 17,098,242 km2 (6,601,668 sq mi) including Siberia.[2]
2 UkraineUkraine Matrimony603,628233,062Including Crimea.
3 France*France Matrimony551,695213,011643,801 km2 (248,573 sq mi) when the overseas departments are included.
4 Spain*Spain Matrimony498,511192,476505,990 km2 (195,360 sq mi) when the Canary IslandsCeuta and Melilla are included.[4]
5 SwedenSweden Matrimony450,295173,860
6 NorwayNorway Matrimony385,178148,718Including Svalbard and Jan Mayen.[5] If they are excluded, continental Norway is 323,779 km2 (125,012 sq mi) in area.
7 GermanyGermany Matrimony357,386137,988[6]
8 FinlandFinland Matrimony338,145130,559
9 PolandPoland Matrimony312,685120,728
10 ItalyItaly Matrimony301,338116,347
11 United Kingdom*United Kingdom Matrimony242,49593,628Not including British Overseas Territories or Crown dependencies.
12 RomaniaRomania Matrimony238,39792,046
13 BelarusBelarus Matrimony207,60080,200
14 Kazakhstan*Kazakhstan Matrimony European Region148,00057,000Territory west of the Ural River is counted as in Europe; 2,724,902 km2 (1,052,091 sq mi) including Asian part
15 GreeceGreece Matrimony131,94050,940
16 BulgariaBulgaria Matrimony110,99442,855
17 IcelandIceland Matrimony102,77539,682
18 HungaryHungry Matrimony93,03035,920
19 PortugalPortugal Matrimony88,41634,13891,568 km2 (35,355 sq mi) when the Azores Islands and the Madeira Archipelago are included.
20 AustriaAustria Matrimony83,85832,378
21 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Matrimony78,86630,450
22 SerbiaSerbia Matrimony77,45329,90588,361 km2 (34,116 sq mi) including Kosovo
23 IrelandIreland Matrimony70,27327,133
24 LithuaniaLithuania Matrimony65,30025,200
25 LatviaLatvia Matrimony64,58924,938
26 CroatiaCroatia Matrimony56,59421,851
27 Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Matrimony51,12919,741
28 SlovakiaSlovakia Matrimony49,03618,933
29 EstoniaEstonia Matrimony45,33917,505
30 Denmark*Denmark Matrimony44,49317,179Figure includes the Faroe Islands. Including Greenland it would be 2,210,579 km2 (853,509 sq mi). Continental Denmark is 43,094 km2 (16,639 sq mi) in area.
31 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Matrimony41,29015,940
32 Netherlands*Netherlands Matrimony41,19815,907Excluding Caribbean NetherlandsArubaCuracao and Sint Maarten; combined into the Kingdom of the Netherlands, its total area is 42,531 km2 (16,421 sq mi).
33 MoldovaMoldova Matrimony33,84613,068
34 BelgiumBelgium Matrimony30,51011,780
35 Armenia*Armenia Matrimony European Region29,74311,484Sometimes considered part of Asia
36 AlbaniaAlbania Matrimony28,74811,100
37 North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia Matrimony25,7139,928
38 Turkey*Turkey Matrimony European Region23,7649,175783,562 km2 (302,535 sq mi) including Asian part
39 SloveniaSlovenia Matrimony20,2737,827
40 MontenegroMontenegro Matrimony13,8125,333
41 KosovoKosovo Matrimony10,8874,203Partially recognised state
42 Azerbaijan*Azerbaijan Matrimony European Region6,9602,69086,600 km2 (33,400 sq mi) including Asian part
43 CyprusCyprus Matrimony European Region5,8962,276A Mediterranean island near Turkey in the Middle East; does not have sovereignty over the whole of the island of Cyprus (total area of 9,251 km2).
44 LuxembourgLuxembourg Matrimony2,586998
45 Georgia*Georgia Matrimony European Region2,42893769,700 km2 (26,900 sq mi) including Asian part
46 AndorraAndorra Matrimony468181
47 MaltaMalta Matrimony316122
48 LiechtensteinLiechtenstein Matrimony16062
49 San MarinoSan Marino Matrimony6124
50 MonacoMonaco Matrimony20.77
51 Vatican CityVatican City Matrimony0.440.17

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