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  1. WANTED A Delhi based turbaned or non turbaned sikh match for high status sikh business family for our daughter 32/5’4” , fair and slim , we are a business family from south delhi contact: 9810385951 . email: [email protected]

  2. SM4 DIV. I’less sik girl slim fair, 36 yrs/ 5’2” / 20lpa , MBA / Proj mgr. 2yr UK Visa, PQ h’some fair sikh boy DLI / NCR pref UM OR Iless below 39 yrs bio & photo must at

  3. HANDSOME , TALL , Qualified businessman / professional boy req for V.fair , charming P.Graduate 28/5’4” working sikh girl for educated status family , cont: 9313186091

  4. SM FOR Sikh weaver girl , 91 born / 5ft DU Grad , digital marketer , 6lpa well-settled modern family based in delhi response only from delhi NCR Requested cont: 9213353340

  5. PQM FOR 29yrs boy, 5’11” veg/NT/-ND/Design manager , MBA , 49lpa , wrkg in dubai father is retd brigadier , family based in delhi , seek tall, educated , gursikh girl , # 9313303516

  6. M4 B’ful , fair sl. mglk jain girl, 5’2”, 13-10-1990, 8:20am, muzaffernagar (U.P) , WKG as CA in Ggn. well edu. settled from reputed family delhi NCR Will be pref, cont- 8219830934, 9418748602 whatsapp

  7. SUNNI Muslim khan girl 30/5’4” resident dr. (BDS, MHA SGPGIMS) From rept fmly of educator seeks a well sttld boy, pref. medico in lucknow / allahabad, erly marriage wap:9838834229

  8. SM4 86’ Born girl, 5’4”, post grad v.fair from well settled family in indore seeks educated well settled non- drinker jatt-sikh boy, whatsapp: 9755535333, 9893093033

  9. SM4 Sikh saini girl fair, slim 30 years, 5’4”, IIT-D, MBA, IIM-C Working in MNC , only equivalent prof. to cont: 9425155811

  10. PQM ND/NT For sikh arora beautiful girl sep1995, 5’4” software developer working in MNC Delhi 15.5lpa # 8146500396 , 9876650423

  11. RAI/SHIVHARE, Govt, officer engg. girl, 1993, 5’3” working at delhi metro rail corp. prefd govt. officer, engg. ph. 9826628602 , 9424624868

  12. SM4 Age 26yrs, 5’7” punjabi brahmin girl, from NIT, Surat, MBA From IIM, Kozhikode, employed with axis bank, mumbai, caste no bar, coming from a well- educated family & high values, fatherbeing CA Having office at surat & mumbai, call: 9898034500. [email protected]

  13. SEEKS edu. well s’tld boy for LLM. Gupta 27/5” , slim, fair, wrkg as a corporate and litigration lawyer in leading co of india, visited harvard (USA) Studied in mumbai, parents are professor, brother engineer no caste bar contact: 9004859340

  14. PQM4 B’ful noida based punjabi brahmin girl 33/5’3” MBA wkg in large FMCG in GGN caste no bar cont mob 8802028803

  15. BENGALI , Kayastha only daughter 30/5’0”, good looking, devgon, convent educated & LLB dual hons. (gold medalist) from NLU Jodhpur corporate lawyer in a tier-1 law firm in new delhi. father retired as chief manager from a reputed fertilizer company settles, at allahabad , looking for like mined elite established groom with in 35, priority for groom settled in metro cities call: +919453981150 / or mail to [email protected] / caste no bar

  16. MBA IIM Jatav / SC Girl 87/5’1” from well qual. family, wkg as finance mgr delhi 35lpa seeks suitable match , mob 9953241087 ,/ 9953919924

  17. M4 V’b’ful , army ofcr’s daughter brhmn, 28/5’5” / highly cls, slim edu. wkg profnl, I’less L’kng for second chance after a month old mrg. 7419656534, 7419656516

  18. SUITABLE Match for b’ful meritorious brahmin girl/ nov1990/5’2”/veg/non manglik/only child pursuingphd from renowned institute in visual commu design decent well established family respond with full details: [email protected]

  19. SM4 Vaishya1980/5 feet , MBA Fin, wkg AGM, MNC, NVR, Slim fair, veg never mrd, e’pnr girl > rs 45lpa. # 99103395921

  20. SM 4 Del based beautiful , veg, 5’4”/1996 working as gr. ‘A’ Off in central govt. seeks professional educated groom whatsapp educated groom whatsapp with details 9810627359

  21. KAYASTHA 1990 Born 163 centimeter engineering from IIT Job at bangalore package 21l father at bhopal seeks equivalent qualified boy upper caste no bar 7987164332

  22. PQM4 Smart b’ful SC Girl, legally divirced 39,5’5”, MBA, MNC, 25 LPA From north india h’status fmly. M& Wapp 09793828999

  23. KAYASTHA Girl MBA Oct’93/5’3” very fair, non veg. workingwants established groom no caste bar, mobile: 9837021543 , 9336901825

  24. Faridabad based affluent business brahmin family seeks a good match for their cultured , smart , pretty girl born oct 1991, 5’7”, MBA , Looking for well suited similar business family boy. caste no bar email id: [email protected] #9899100234 marriage bureau excuse