Marriages acknowledged interpersonal relationship.

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Marriages will be the name of commitment in which married couple either of any genders commited for each others as well as for their respective families. Marriages acknowledged interpersonal relationship. It is the start of building trust, keep faith, fair play with honesty any relyness on each other.

Each and every one has their own purpose of marriage, at fortunate wedding we try to  fulfill all’s needs with personalized matrimonial’s services. In previous times most of the marriages occurs on basis of caste and with in the boundaries of countries and states. In current scenario with the development / advancement of internet services, online matrimonial services takes this step forward with the revolution in this sector.

Now a days peoples are not hesitating in marrying to some other castes and in other religion. It may be true that marriages are made in heaven but it should be our endeavor to search the right / suitable partner with same frequency of thoughts or like minded peoples. Now a days in online matrimonial services era, individuals choices are surpassing parental choices.

At fortunate wedding we strongly condemn child marriages, polygamy and forced marriages. In some areas of the world these practices are still followed which deserves condemnation. Women’s rights and children’s rights international laws are discouraging such type of practices worldwide.

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