List of South American Countries

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Area (km²)Notes
1 BrazilBrazil Matrimony8,515,767
2 ArgentinaArgentina Matrimony2,780,400
3 PeruPeru Matrimony1,285,216
4 ColombiaColombia Matrimony1,141,748
5 BoliviaBolivia Matrimony1,098,581
6 VenezuelaVenezuela Matrimony916,445does not include the territory of
 Guayana Esequiba claimed by Venezuela
7 ChileChile Matrimony756,096
8 ParaguayParaguay Matrimony406,752
9 EcuadorEcuador Matrimony276,841
10 GuyanaGuyana Matrimony214,969
11 UruguayUruguay Matrimony176,215
12 SurinameSuriname Matrimony163,820


These territories, also located in South America, are not sovereign nations but former colonies of European countries still under control of France and the UK.

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Area (km²)Notes
1 French Guiana (France)French Guiana
( France )
83,534Officially called Guiana and regarded as an overseas department and region of France, French Guiana is the largest outermost region within the European Union.
2 Falkland Islands (United Kingdom)Falkland Islands 
(United Kingdom) Matrimony
12,173Claimed by Argentina

Transcontinental countries

Panama is not regarded as a transcontinental country but the country is sometimes included in South America due to being part of Colombia prior to its secession in 1903. The island of Trinidad is sometimes included in South America, which then makes Trinidad and Tobago a transcontinental country.

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