Hindu – Rajput Community – Achievers 2023

April 2023 !!


The group of people known as the Hindu Rajput community historically belonged to the Kshatriya or warrior caste within the Hindu social structure. The Sanskrit terms "raj" (king) and "putra" (son), which translate to "Rajput" in English, are the source of the word. This implies that Rajputs are royal descendents, which is compatible with their historical affiliation with dynasties and kingdoms that ruled the Indian subcontinent.The Rajput community, which predominately resides in northern and western India, is renowned for its extensive history and cultural practises. Rajputs are renowned for their courage, gallantry, martial prowess, and commitment to duty. A lot of Rajputs also take great honour and pleasure in their family history and ancestry.There are many different occupations represented in today's diversified Rajput community, including business, politics, and the armed forces, among others. They have also made a substantial contribution to Indian society and culture, including well-known individuals in the arts, music, and literature.

A Retired Army Jawan's Daughter Triumphs in the UPPSC Deputy Collector Exam in the month of April 2023 !

Divya Sikarwar ( from Hindu Rajput Community ), daughter of retired army jawan Rajpal Singh, has topped the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission's deputy collector exam. She cleared the exam on her third attempt after missing the mark by two points in her previous attempt. Divya credits her achievement to her mother, who despite having limited opportunities for getting education, ensured the way that her daughter's ambitions were fulfilled. Divya aims to uplift women and girls in rural areas through good quality education, vocational training, and self-help groups for financial stability. Her family's primary source of income is farming, and she comes from Rami Gadi village of Etmadpur tehsil in Agra district. After the results were declared, Etmadpur MLA Dharampal Singh visited Rami Gadi village to congratulate Divya and her family.Divya Sikarwar's achievement is remarkable as she hails from a humble background and had to overcome several obstacles to reach this stage. Her success story is an inspiration for aspiring candidates, especially from rural areas where opportunities are limited. Divya's dedication to her studies and perseverance through failures are a testament to her strong will and determination. Divya's focus on empowering women and girls in rural areas is a noble cause that needs urgent attention. Access to education and vocational training can create more opportunities for women, leading to financial independence and better livelihoods. Divya's vision for the future reflects her commitment to making a positive change in society. Divya's mother played a pivotal role in her success, and her story is a reminder of the sacrifices parents make for their children's future. Rajpal Singh, Divya's father, expressed his pride in his wife and daughter's accomplishments and believes that his daughter's success will inspire others in the village to pursue their dreams.

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