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  1. WANTED BRIDE FOR GROOM, SM4 Punjabi Khatri Divorcee, non Manglik boy, 41 / 5′ 9″ slim fair complexion, well settled , Own business. Contact 9818112334 between 6 PM to 9 PM.

  2. WANTED BRIDE FOR GROOM, PUNJABI Khatri divorce boy 5-7-1976 height 5′ 10″ CA MBA running own business very good income seeks good life partner caste no bar, 8595725194.

  3. wanted bride, SM4 Punjabi Khatri 5’8″, smart slim boy DOB 14-01-1985 / 14 .10 PM / Delhi . M.Tech engineer at USA on H1B visa. Handsome package only child caste no bar # 9811810195.

  4. wanted bride, B’FUL fair PQM for pb khatri boy (ANshik Manglik). 39/5’6”, B.Tech, MBA doing well established business in Kanpur, Very handsome income (M/W) 9839801034

  5. wanted bride, Punjabi khatri, MBA from top US University
    Graduate Computer science Uk.5’11”, 28.05.84, 1845hrs chd.. Hansome sports loving and fitness enthusiast working in top it MNC in Australia in AL and RPA belong to high status professionally qualified family Alliance invited from tall beautiful professionally qualified girl working and willing to settle in Australia Educated family with similar family background may please respond whatsapp to : 9810111861 [email protected]

  6. Khatri Girl for Marriage
    1. SM4 H’some 5’7”/23 Nov’79/ 13:26pm (Delhi) A.Mglk. Wrkg as Project Mngr in Noida/8 LPA Seeks homely Qlfd. B’ful. Girl # 9891415666

    2. SM for Upper Middle Class Khatri Boy, 13/12/85, 12:45 Ludhiana 5’11”, Own Business and Rental Income Nuclear Family. Contact : 7986862180

    3. SM for UP Khatri Boy 6’/1992 from reputed family of lucknow MBA from renowned institute working in MNC at Gurugram Whatsapp 9415086862 ID- [email protected]

  7. Punjabi Khatri Matrimonial

    Wanted grooms

    1. EDU PQM4 B’ful Fair Slim Khatri girl 84born/5’6” B.E wrkg in Dubai Prev Mrg Last 2 Wks Fmly From Pune NRI Welcome, Email at :- [email protected]

    2. B’FUL, MDS dental surgeon, Khatri girl, from doctor family, ConvEdu, 30/174, seeks well settled boy from Delhi- NCR 7570012242

    3. SM4 Khatri Slim Girl 5’-6”/ 1990 BDS/MBA in Hospital and Health Management currently working (preferable Lucknow) 9814131711

    4. PUNJABI Khatri SM4 SPB Oct 92, 5’4” working in citi Bank, 17 LPA WTD tall handsome(MBA/CA/Engineer MNC) Call 9910029725

  8. Wanted Khatri Grooms

    SM4 Hindu (khatri) Working Girl MBA very beautiful, very fair highly qualified 28/5’3”. Working for Amazon caste no bar: 9873243991

    LECTURER Khatri Girl 78/ 5’3” B.Tech, PGDBM, IIT, PGDM (HR) SAP, seeks well stld Boy. Email at -: [email protected] # 9415638142

  9. PQM4 pb Handsome 5.8″ Boy 87/03 B.Tech Working in MNC NCR mutually divorced Seeks Beautifull Educated family Girl Send Bio& photo Whatsapp # 8929789555

  10. PQ Employed match for Non Manglik Punjabi Khatri Boy 30/5/89 1155PM Delhi 5’4″ BTech Manager PSU Bank Delhi Teetotaler Well Settled Family #9868812386/ 9818727736

  11. PUNJABI Khatri Boy 1991/5’6″ B. Tech MBA Bank Delhi 7 lpa. Educated family seeks Educated working girl Contact: 9315773830

  12. SM for UP Khatri 5’8″ /1992 Boy BTech MS USA (Fin) Wokring in USA (Boston) From Lucknow based educated family M: 9412748218

  13. PQM4 Beautiful , Bhatia girl, 30/5’1″ B.Arch March,- Lighting design (EU) Father retired Army officer Chandigarh based CNB, 9915790113/9779306546

  14. HINDU 29 years IIT, B.Tech Pursuing Ph.D from USA. Fair Smart parents both govt employees early marriage caste no abr 94631-89532

  15. ALLIANCE Invited for fair beautiful educated girl 31/5’6″ PG in Mass Communication we are looking for educated, well settled boy from a good family background Delhi NCR Resident Preferred. Email: [email protected]

  16. Suitable ,match for Nov 89/5’5″ slim fair beautiful convent educated girl guest – Teaching Faculty at law University Delhi Based Punjabi Khatri respectable family Seeks well settled qualified boy from professional/ business Delhi/ NCR based affluent family Whatsapp biodata & photo 9560701314

  17. KSHATRIYA vats gotra manglik girll MCA BSC 35 years /5’4″ fair slim engineer in Noida 17+ LPA early marriage mob. No. 8400005609

  18. B.E manglik Punjabi Khatri BOY Wkg in PUNE MNC Sep89/5’10 need a working girl 9763040323/ 9766066348

  19. B’FUL prof Qlfd girl for veg, teetaller 4.11.86/6’ p’ckge above 60 LPA h’some Research above 60LPA h’some Research Data Scientist in Germany. Cont: 9336115631

  20. SMR4 V.fair H’some 6’/83 Never married, Teetotaler, Non Smkr UP Khatri boy wrkg HDFC Noida. Fthr Retd Class-I Offr. No Dowry. BHP to 9953625785

  21. WELL settled, beautiful, smart Kapoor girl, 29/ 5’4”, B.com (Hons), MBA working with BIG 4, Renowned business fmly in Moradabad. 9837076661

  22. PQM4 PB, Slim, Doc Dentist MDS girl, 5’3”/ Aug, 82, wrkg. GGN. Parents Doctor. Medico/ non medico. CNB Contact: 9810321329/ 8368229577

  23. WELL Settled beautiful smart Kapoor girl, 29/ 5’4”, B.Com (Hons), MBA working with BIG 4. Renowned business fmly in Moradabad. 9837076661

  24. Mba, working fair Khatri girl, Nov 91/5’4”, Vegetarian, Delhi based, parents working, seeks well qualified service class match, Contact # 9811812728/ 9811078804

  25. CHANDIGARH high status fmly. B’ful, fail, slim well edu girl, 5’5” july 90, wkg in US bsd Co.senior level only high class family cont. 9872414454

  26. SUITABLE match for July 91, 5’6’ Punjabi Khatri Slim, Fair, beautiful girl MBA working with Google. South Delhi based respectable family seeks well-settled qualified boy from professional/ business Delhi/ NCR based affluent family. 9810021709

  27. WELL SETTLED educated match from well to do family of delhi / Punjab for 29 m.tech (BITS) , 5’2” SLIM B’ful girl software engineer big 4 MNC gurgaon . 21+LPA. Cont: 9876599514

  28. PQM4 punjabi fair , b’ful girl . IT MNC working 15 LPA 5’5” / 19.03..92/ 07:40 pm seeks fair groom salaried working MNC . whatsapp ; 7657926061

  29. WANTED GROOM from reputed business family for 28yr/ 5’1” height, excellent natured girl , MD radiologist , Punjabi khatri family of top business house of central india. Caste no bar , email; [email protected]

  30. B.TECH MBA Conv Edu. Sept ‘86’ born 5’2” khatri smart b‘ful girl wrkg at MNC in Gurgaon having 35LPA seeks suitable match W’APP/M : 8377031151

  31. TALL HANDSOME match for fair smart girl 5’2” 16 oct88 btech mba mnc pune 13.5LPA edu. Status fly father retd CI 1 offer contact ; 9988533396

  32. SEEKING WELL settled PQM for b’ful Delhi based girl. Ighly qualified M.SC actuarial londan , from highly status business family , 13.08.88, 2.25pm Delhi, call : 8447212323

  33. WANTED A beautiful working/- homely girl for a handsome Punjabi khatri boy, SEP 1987 born 5’10” B.TECH / MBA Working 14+lpa , south Delhi based , please call 9312230943.

  34. SM4 PUNJABI hindu ramdasia , gurdaspur based B.TECH 6’1”,28 MNC GURGAON (IT professional deputy manager ) 15 lakh mo: 8699258814

  35. SM4 H’SOME NM dig Jain boy sep 87/ 5’9” B.TECH wrkg , MNC Noida 24lpa , delhi based family contact: 8285714932, 9911116943.

  36. Req. BHP from smart groom 4 khattri medico , MD (SOLK) Asso. Prof govt. MC girl 15 LPA spiritual 36/5’1” ILDIV NLT PREFER Unmarried medicallyfit medico cultured UP – NCR compatible dowryless upper cast एम : 6388373060

  37. SM4 NM Hindu khatri charctered accountant: working with MNC at gurgaon handsome package 15-02-1984: 07:05 pm 5’9” Amritsar parents settled at Amritsar ; whatsapp: 9814181000

  38. MATCH For khatri 29/5,1” good looking MBA, wrkg . girl as digital professional (gurugram) preffather professor L.U Big city pref. #70809115053

  39. Delhi based Punjabi (khatri) business family seeks alliance for teir charming daughter 1989/5’4” Delhi born, convent educated require professional / business family preferably delhi /NCR Please contact: 9868039815 , 9720170606

  40. S PB.khatri Manglik beautiful slim Fair Never married MSC. (math) BEd. MBA 158cm /49 years looking youngr Running institute Affluent Delhi Family W/A 9818442831 Seek Boy from Status Family Either Good business Or profession.

  41. A High status Punjabi & renowed business family based in panipat seeks alliance for their slim, sweet nature beautiful very fair & family oriented Daughtr 1984/5’4″ schooling & Graduation from reputed institution. PG from king College london, looking for well settled Qulaified established Boy from Business & professional similar status background . M 9416047125, 9812447125

  42. SM4 WELL settled fbd khatri boy oct/87/5’6″own house cars& Business 15 LPA required educated slim & beautiful homely girl prefer Delhi / NCR NO dowry #9818338735, 9871863635

  43. PQM4-DELHI-BASED, b’ful grl,5’1”, Senior Dentist (MDS). D.O.B:26.12.1992, 7:45AM, father: businessman, mother: housewife. Contact:9811041414

  44. B.TECH MBA Conv. Edu. Sept’86 Born 5”2” Khatri Smart B’ful girl wrkg at MNC in Gurgaon having 35 LPA seeks suitable match. M 8377031151

  45. PQM for b’ful Hindu Punjabi Arora Girl Aug’1980/5’3” working in MNC gurugram well stled & educated family in Delhi NCR prfd 7589301681

  46. SM for Dec86 52 PG fair bful nvr mrd Pb khtri girl wking in reputed school as teacher Residing in South Del Whtsapp Bio 9871580160

  47. PQM4-DELHI-BASED, b’ful gr1,5’1″ Senior Dentist(MDS) D.O.B:26.12.1992 7:45 AM father: businessman, mother:housewife. contact:9811041414

  48. MANGLIK match forofficer in PSU ONGC postedat Ahmedabad: 05.12.1991,09.55 am Panchkula 5’6″:Parents Govt. OfficersChandigarh 9815811662

  49. NRI KH NM Boy34/57″B. TechMBA TopUniv. USAonH-1Bvisa,$1.50LPA New York, S.delhi BsdFmly prf. B’ful Qifd. GirlBHPw’ap/eal 6-11pm only sa12038892

  50. NRI KH NM Boy34/57″B. TechMBA TopUniv. USAonH-1Bvisa,$1.50LPA New York, S.delhi BsdFmly prf. B’ful Qifd. GirlBHPw’ap/eal 6-11pm only sa12038892

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