Hindu – Kayastha Community – Achievers 2023

In May month of 2023, Ishita Kishore from the Hindu Kayastha community became The UPSC Topper 2022 Air 1

Ishita Kishore has emerged as the shining star of the Civil Services 2022 examination, securing the highest rank and earning the prestigious title of UPSC Topper 2022. Notably, the top four positions in the exam are held by incredibly talented female candidates, including Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N, and Smriti Mishra. The selection process for the candidates involves the allocation of cadres based on their preferences and the availability of posts in each service.

The UPSC Topper 2022 list includes 1022 recommended appointment candidates, each assigned to a specific command based on their category. Ishita Kishore, the UPSC 2023 topper, hails from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. She completed her graduation in Economics in 2017. Her academic journey has been exemplary, showcasing her excellent academic performance, strong analytical and reasoning skills, practical time management abilities, and a profound understanding of social, political, and economic issues. Beyond her academic accomplishments, Ishita Kishore embodies exceptional leadership qualities, a sense of social responsibility, and a deep commitment to public service. Her success in the UPSC examination reflects her dedication and passion for positively impacting society. Ishita's father, Sanjay Kishore, was a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force. Following her aspirations, she moved to Delhi to pursue career opportunities, working in the risk advisory department at Ernst & Young. Alongside her academic pursuits, Ishita is also known for her prowess in athletics and sports, displaying a well-rounded personality.

With an impressive score of 1094 marks, Ishita Kishore has achieved the remarkable feat of securing the coveted All India Rank 1 in the UPSC examination. Her journey exemplifies the relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep-rooted desire to contribute to the betterment of society. Her accomplishments spotlight the limitless possibilities that await those who are driven, determined, and dedicated to serving the nation.

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