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Hindu-Buddar is a term used to describe those who practice both Hinduism and Buddhism at the same time. The two religions have coexisted in India for centuries and often have overlapping beliefs and practices. This is why some people choose to practice both.

Hindu-Buddar people typically have a strong sense of identity, often blending traditional Hindu rituals with Buddhist meditations and teachings. They often refer to themselves as “Sanatani Buddhists” or “Hindu Buddhists”. Generally speaking, they strive to gain knowledge, wisdom and higher awareness through both religions.

Though Hindu-Buddar people have slightly different practices, their language and lifestyle are usually very similar to traditional Hindus and Buddhists. They speak multiple languages, such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Pali, and Tibetan. They typically follow vegetarian diets and practice yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices. They also partake in festivals and ceremonies from both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Hindu-Buddhists believe that both religions are valid paths to enlightenment and that each can complement the other. They often seek to combine the best of both traditions in their spiritual practice.

Hindu-Buddhists often practice certain rituals, customs, and traditions that draw from both Hinduism and Buddhism. These  include meditation, mantra chanting, and mantra repetition, as well as rituals such as puja (worship) and yagna (fire offerings). They also practice traditional Hindu festivals such as Diwali or Buddhist festivals such as Wesak.

Hindu-Buddhists  also adopt certain Hindu or Buddhist beliefs depending on their individual spiritual paths. For example, some believe in karma, the idea that actions have consequences, while others embrace the Buddhist concept of non-attachment.

The Hindu-Buddhist path is an individual journey, and each person’s practice will be unique. However, many Hindu-Buddhists seek to combine the best of both traditions and create a spiritual path that works for them.

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