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  1. WANTED BRIDE FOR GROOM, EDU Beautiful bride < 26 yrs wanted for MBA ( IIM ) fair handsome sober caring 171 cm 30 yrs well placed ( 25 LPA Gurgaon ) Mut. Div. boy. Bengali Kayastha well-off liberal family in Kol ( WA 9875511953 )

  2. WANTED GROOM FOR BRIDE, BRAHMIN, Engr MS ( USA ), 29, fair, working in MNC in Seattle, seeks a brahmin non-smoker qualified USA based groom. Contact & what’sApp- 9830091485 / 9836992557.

  3. Bengali Hindu wedding

    1. KAYASTHA 1992/5’1” Girl BA ( Eng ) LLM, running law office seeks suitable boy. Pref: govt service/Lawyer/doctor. [email protected]

    2. SM4 Probashi Bengali, 5’5”/ Nov’89 MFM NIFT wkg B’lore 20 LPA from Brh/Baidya seeks 32-35 wkg B’lore ,# 9811168557 [email protected]

    3. SM4 Dec’79 born girl, fair Sadgop 5’5” CA working in London as senior Manager. Wanted groom preferably UK based. MB: 981507199.

    4. PROBASHI Bengali Kayastha girl 31/5’-2’, Architect pursuing Ph.D, Deld.seeks edu. Well stld Bengal boy. 09818182502 E: [email protected]

    5. DEL BSD BR. Un Married girl 77/5’5” B’ful slim SOBER Assit prof seeks well stld loving caring Br. Baidya. Kayastha Groom#9899738535

  4. 40/5’10” Punjabi unmaried boy B.Tech- IIT,MS Sr. Manager MNC 50 LPA accept divorced & widow Caste No Bar 9340982702, 9179678379

  5. BENGALI boy 1992 born from a very good family working in USA Seeks a girl for marriage 080-69103009

  6. SM4 MA US & JNU ,Tall beautiful,wheatish, Bengali kulin kayastha (soukalin): 44 5’6”girl English medium education /work residing in south delhi .looking for tall,handsome professional from educated family 45-50 yrs. Father :IIT kgp .engineer mother :DU professor : blodata & photos : [email protected].

    Hi- qlfd. Well stld boy below 50yr for a fair , b’ful Bengali br. Ph.d girl 47/5’4” teaching in unvi. Affluent fmly. W/A 9971879179, 8588814646, 9818231642c.

  8. BENGALI Brahmin girl 29,5’7” M.sc, bio govt. public sector service pref . contact whtasapp 9453048642 with photo / biodata.

  9. WANTED educated well settled Bengali boy ( hindu) for CS LLB girl working in lko , sep. 84/4,10” fair, slim , 9936256199.

  10. BRAHMIN batsava cotra 5’7” 12.04.92, MBA Good looking, pvt. Empoyeed, good package , Nagpur posted . mob: 8550975005, 7798758603

  11. SM4 b’ful V. Fair Bengali Brahmin , benerjee girl from lko , 32/152 , B.sc. in I.T, Dip in computer H/W& S/W from NIIT . contact : 09935277968

  12. PQM 4 bautiful , fair & tall graduate Bengali Brahmin girl 40+, having own flat from preferably NCR for immediate marriage, whatsapp :9582125566

  13. SEEKING unmarried delhi bsd HI –qlfd well stld below 50yrs for fair, b,ful Bengali br’ ph.d girl 47/5’4” teaching in uni. Affluent fmly. W/A 9918231642

  14. ALLIANCE invited for a 28yr,slim, fair 5’6 Bengali kya. stha girl, MTech, wkg with MNC , Father (retd GOI offl)mother teacher. # 8404903292

  15. SEEKING Unmarried delhi b’sd Hi-qifd.well stid boy below 50yr for fair,b’ful bengali brah min Phd girl 47/5’3″teaching in univ. affluent fmly.call/WA 9971879179, 8588814646, 9818231642

  16. SM for Non Manglik, 5’5″/1992 Debari Gon, Mukherjee Girl,Working Delhi, pref, handsome service/professional. Contact:9810758250

  17. BENGALI WANTED educatedBride in US for 42/5’11MBA (US) Divorce, noissue Settled in Los Angelescaste no bar. M-8779196178

  18. WELL placed(BR)boy53/5’7″, Wkg MNC Ggn, highsalary Fmly based Lko, seekSlim/fair Edu Wkg girlW’App pic bio # 9129528999

  19. HINDU IAS/IIT/MBA/Prof./NRI SM b’ful,BengaliKayastha d/oCivilserv’t(rtd)Delhi bsd MA EcoDSE 28/5’8″ US bsd frm “Sr. Consultant .WA 9910997534.

  20. SUITABLE MATCH For bengali working girl 5’2” / 1993 born BCA+MCA , Seeking bengali settled boy, caste no bar , 8527293688

  21. GIRL 5’3” / AUG 91 b.tech CSE / ITMNC/ 12l / probashi bengali kayast / own flat DLI NCR / Gon debari / father Rly PSU / 7897828460

  22. SUITABLE match for smart & beautiful bengali brahmin girl 26/5’5” / B.tech, officer in central government PSU. Contact 7000935199 , 9479640477

  23. B’FUL Homely bengali vaidya girl, B.com, B.ED , 1997/5’2”, Convented. prefer brahmin kuleen kayastha (preferbly govt / PSU) M: 9411912671 , 9456281972

  24. HIGHLY Qulfd bengali kayastha girl, 91 born , settled in delhi NCR , Father rtd civil servant seeks highly qulfd and well settled groom. caste no bar contact : 9289847338

  25. SUITABLE Match for bengali kaystha girl, 30/5’5” , MBA Finance, manager in HDFC Bank norogon, (debari gon please excuse) 9754101902

  26. SUITABLE Match for bengali kaysatha girl december 1985 B.E Wkg MNC Bangalore @ 30 lpa, oref. bangalore, 9415579977 , 9305514885

  27. SM4 Delhi based dec. 1988, 5’4”, beautiful wkg in leading organisation as a ABH Looking delhi based bengali boy. contact 9013983440

  28. KAYASTHA Girl dec 92,/ 5’4” slim fair M.A, B.ed dehari gana working stock investor seeks kayastha boy 30-33 #7318549909 , 7651952923

  29. B.TECH , MBA , IIT , Boy debari gon, nov 88/5’8” wkg at MNC in gurgaon, seeks bengali NCR 26-30Y Working girl, contact : 9811074957 (7pm-10pm)

  30. SM For bengali baidya brahmin boy 39/6 MS (ISI) Wkg as SVP MNC Bank , bangalore name sake marriage divorced , caste/ comm’ty no bar : 9433026426 , 9874242525

  31. B.TECH Brahmin VIT Boy sep 85/5’10” wkg MC Pune 8-10lpa, father (R) Naval officer now MN Master settled in kol props in mum&NCR 9004296192 w/app, same b / ground prefer

  32. BRAHMIN Boy 42, 5’9” BE, Mgmt pvt sector bank in mumbai 30 lacs +pa , divorcee (6 month) match required within 36, mobile: 9920664453

  33. KAYASTHA Apr 91/5’4” ludhiana born & brt up, b.tech , MBA (Pursuing) sr. SW Engg. in swedish in MNC B’glr seeks in swedish MNC , B’glr seeks prof. qual , fair , gen catg, bengali girl below 29 yrs wa # 9963722204 , 9831588399

  34. SUITABLE MATCH: For bengali (manglik)nworking girl 5’5” , 1990 born mnc, caste no bar , well settled groom pref. from delhi/ncr mob: 8130428074

  35. SM4 Bengali kayastha fair girl (31+5’3) BE (CSE) wkg in Hyderabad MNC as lead sw Engineer Looking for general caste boy from Hyderabad Bangalore/ Abroad# 9441480794, 9849649472

  36. MBA (IIM Bangalore),B.Tech(NTU_Singapore),31trs,6ft,pharma consulting, 25+ LPA,(Mum/Blr/Kol), Previously, based in Singapore for 4yrs. Very affluent family.9903297955

  37. EAST Bengali Kayastha,32,5’5”,ICWA +MBA-(Finance)+ Certified Professional Independent Director (Registrar of Companies, GOI) with annual income above 18 lakhs working with IVC, Nashik, Maharashtra(www.ivc-valve.com) & from a well-educated affluent family is looking for a suitable bride below 30yrs,5’1”& above, fair, educated, general caste who may like to relocate to Nashik. Manglik Bride may also contact.9822871920(whatsapp no.);[email protected]

  38. PQM4 B.Tech Boy 32/5’4” Bengali Baidya Brah. Wrkg as Engr PSU Mangaluru Ancestral home Kanpur. 9935347645, 9956151225. WA:7068294609.

  39. PQSM4 Ludhiana based Bengali brmn boy 5’7”,29yrs Engg. In Merchant navy seeks Bengali Brmn girl.7889007814

  40. B TECH/IIT MBA Bengali bo Nov 88/5’8” working in MNC in Gurgaon, 21Lpa, Delhi, Debari gon, seeks qualified Bengali working girl DoB 91-94, Contact:9811074957

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  42. BENGALI Kayastha Girl, 91 born, 5’2, US educated, humanities background, settled in Delhi NCR, Father Retired Civil Servant, looks for well qualified and established boy, Caste No Bar. 9289847338

  43. PROBASHI Bengali Kayastha Girl Lucknow 94 Born 4’11” Fair B.Ed.Teaching, Looking For Well Settled Boy 9450452425

  44. M4 Bengali Brahmin Kashyap girl 90/5’6″ Post Graduate, working in Delhi. Preferred Delhi based working Bengali Brahmin boy. # 8851496916


  46. SM4 Cnvnt educated, M.A. Eng, B.Ed., TET, Brahmin girl, fair, 5′, 24.11.92, Lko-UP, 1 pm, seeks qfd wrkng PRF”NL boy. Contact-8009868134

  47. BENGALI Brahmin girl 35/5ft Del/NCR, wrkg in MNC as Digital Content Strategist 11 Lac pkg, reputed family, Mob: 9911909400

  48. बंगाली 1991/5’11’’ /B.Tech M.Tech (IIT) Divisional Engineer Railway. 1 993/5’10’’ (मांगलिक) B.Tech/MBA (IIM) Software Engineer युवकों हेतु वधू वर्किंग, नॉनवर्किंग मान्य 9682017078, 8765181510

  49. Suitable Match For Bengali Kayasth Boy 28/5’7’’, MBA, Job In Private Company. Prefer Lucknow Contact: 9415437459,7905835443

  50. B.TECH (JU)/ MBA (IIT) boy Nov’88/5’8 Working in MNC in Gurgaon, 21LPA, Delhi, Debari Gon, Seeks qualified working girl DOB 91-94, Contact 9811074957

  51. LUCKNOW based H’some Bengali Kayastha /5′ 7″ /37/ Debari / Non-manglik, Phd./Scientist(Central Govt.) seeks B’ful Edu.girl Contact WA 8400935469

  52. SM 4 single child Bengali Bose boy 41/5’6″/Creative Di rector in Advtg. agency 231pa, Seek B’ful.Bengali edu. wrkg. girl frm Delhi/ncr.9810536836

  53. M4 Bhamin boy 42yrs h’some Lawyer HC Earning 5 Figure Divorce having son, Girl Pref Unmaried/Divorce/Widow without child # 9412233457

  54. MS, BE, wkng, IT S/W Engg girl from Pune, Savarna Gotra, Devarigon, Sep/1992/5’3″ seeking Bengali groom, 32-34 yrs, IT sector, Pune/Bnglr, Wap/call 9359477969

  55. WANTED Groom SM4 Ben- gali Girl Saha BE 32/5’1″ Pune MNC 18 Lpa Well Settled IT Boy Preferred. Caste No Bar. 9981469926/9926877594

  56. B’GALI Brhmin b’ful girl 29+/5’3″ Civ Engr MS(Ger) pursuing PhD (India). Father IIT Prof. Wanted Dr/Prof/Off estd u/cast boy below 35 Y. M+ WA: 9451277738 & 9415536740

  57. M4 Conv. edu Kayastha wkg girl 5’/Oct 92,PG Dip &TV Journalism from IIMC, in Radio Delhi.Pref. Delhi/NCR bsd gr oom. 09910472069, 8287570860

  58. BENGALI Kayastha Girl 31/ 5′.4″, M.S, USA, H-1B, alliance from Bengali Kayastha/ Brahmin Boy, 32-35 Yrs. U.S Settled. Contact: +91 9763101384

  59. BENGALI Brahmin Boy 27/5’6″ B.Tech, MS (Engg) Working in USA, seeks highly educated girl with fluent english. Contact: 9109183370

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