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  1. WANTED BRIDE FOR GROOM, SM for 6′ 2″ 35 yr old handsome boy MBBS MS General Surgery seeks beautiful doc or highly qualified Girl, Caste no Bar, 9826500805, 8839981505 M.P.

  2. WANTED BRIDE FOR GROOM, alliance invited from BRIDE. For Mumbai based a well reputed business family for Doctor M.D. ( Respiratory Medicine ) 30 Yrs, Wheatish , 5′ 8″ , presently working in SGPGI , Lucknow . MD / MBBS Preferred. Caste NO Bar. Contact :- [email protected], MOB – 07400047540

  3. wanted bride for groom, Muslim boy 31 / B.Tech. + M.Tech ( IIT )IES qualified class -I officer indian railway brother MBBS MD Govt. Dr. seeks girls for both , working / non working .# 7654561936, 9117112731.

  4. wanted bride – SM4 H’some Anshik Mglik Br Medico boy 5’9”/23/06/86,5”07 pm meerut/MD radio onco srvg Ind. Army seeks tall b’full medico girl 7428552685, 9654264257

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  6. Jaiswal Girl for Marriage

    SM4 Bareilly based 86/6’3” Jaiswal Boy for Marriage Radiologist working in Delhi seeks MD / MS Girl Upper Caste No Bar. Mobile number -: 8445603537, 9456641230.

  7. Medical Matrimony

      Mbbs Matrimony

      1. SLIM Tall Smart beautiful doctor bride from a super high profile family for a dynamic humble doctor 30 years raised in Canada with the best of both cultures. Contact Email at -: [email protected] or Ph: +1250-682-5152

      2. SM4 H’some Fair Delhi Based Doctor /MS OPTHA/1990 Born/5’-10/ Hindu sunar (jewellers). Ph. 9871949199

      3 . MATCH for MD Radio Br boy 33, 6’2”, working and based in NCR, MD/MS clinical subject preferred. Ph: 9795337591

      4. KKB, 5’5”, 33, MBBS, MD, H’some Boy seeks well educated Brahmin Girl prefd Gwallor family#8284990959

      5. MD/MS M4 smart Hindu Ravidasia SC boy, 1989/5’6”, MD Psy., Wkg as SR, belongs Med. Family Own Hospital. Punjab. CNB 9876731742

      6. SMART Boy MDS ortho 5’6”/21-12-88 Self clinic and visiting Panipat Noida and other clinics good income pref Girl MDS. BDS #9416013960

      7. AGARWAL MBBS, MS General Surgeon, 35 yrs, 5’6”, from Uttarakhand seeks MS, MBBS, MDS,BDS B’ful Girl. [email protected] Mo: 9897250384, 9690221840

  8. doctor matrimony brides

    1. Wanted Groom
    Suitable Status Match for Beautiful Girl, MBBS Doctor, Captain in Army. Father Senior Army officer.Army Doctor /Doctor/IAS/IPS preffered. Email: [email protected] Mob: 8082802015

    2. Very well estab. Jain Mittal NCR based Doctor’s family seeks alliance for their Fair Slim B’ful daughter, MMBS, Pursuing MS (Gynae), Nov’ 95/5’2” Parents Doctors, owns hospital Looking for MD/MS Medico boy from well settled affluent family Preferred Delhi/NCR. Caste no bar. Please send BHP to: 9927078766

    3. LOOKING for a tall handsome Punjabi Khatri, MS/MD doctor for our 29yrs 5’6 tall MD daughter. Contact 9617010706

    4. MEDICO Match For Aggarwal Slim. Fair Girl 5’3”, 06-08-90, MD Anesthesia frm Mumbai. Now SR in Govt Hospital Delhi # 9416279974

    5. SUITABLE MD/MS/MBBS/ Diploma MBBS for Medico Garg girl/27/5ft MBBS, Diabitologist. Status rich/affluent. Contact/Whatsapp: 9810180536

    6. SM4 Delhi bsd Medico/ non Medico b’ful Brah. Girl 5’3” 22.12.87 MD in Anestsia wkg safdurjung Hosp. #9818601825 E: [email protected]

    7. MD/Nov 1994/5’5”/Jain/Drs family seeks MD/MS/DM/MCH Jain Agarwal Maheshwari/ Brahmin boy. [email protected] 6350487418

    8. DM/MCH/MD/MS Non Manglik match for Bansal 28/5’1”, fair, slim, beautiful girl. Pursuing MCH (cornea), First year, PGI, Chandigrah. Belongs to High status business family. Preferred New Delhi Matches. 9915085535

    9. SUITABLE Medico/ IAS/Allied Match for Slim Fair Opthalmologist Girl, (29/5’4”) hailing from Arora Medico f’mly of Del/NCR. 8708351422

    10. ALLIANCE for a Aggarwal fair girl, 5’3”, ENT surgeon 1986 born. Email: [email protected] or 9810302137

  9. MBBS MD Pathology(pursuing), 1994 born, good looking girl from an upper caste, Affluent family seeks alliance.Email: [email protected]

    MBBS. MS (OBS & Gynae) 5’4”/ 1991 Lko based girl seeks MBBS, M.S., MCH, Civil Service Muslim sunni Sheikh boy Mob: 9140079655, 9838245304

  10. SM4 Delhi boy MS ORTHO PB Arora Doctors family/12.3.92/5’5″/ 5:30pm /SR in delhi govt from Delhi / ncr/ HR 9810130481

  11. MEDICO MD/MS match for handsome Fair Yadav boy 30/6’1″ MBBS MD, SR in New Delhi Reputed Medical Collage Doctors Family , 9839641167

  12. ALLIANCCE invited frome cultured jain doctor parents from Ahmeddabad for thier son M.S (Surgery) Sept 94/5’11” from medico girl from cultured family Ph: 7227074532

  13. POSTGRADUATE doctor match 4 handsome boy 91/5’9″ pursuing MD Radiology Dr. family having own hospitals. Boy will settle in tricity Chandigrah after completion of MD (W) 7293866660

  14. SM4 Delhi boy MS- ORTHO PB Arora Doctors fmly/ 12.3.92/ 5’5”/5.30pm/ SR in Delhi govt from Delhi/ NCR/ HR 9810130481

  15. MEDICO Match MD/ MS for h’some Pbi Arora boy Residing Delhi MD Anesthesia SR RML Delhi 5’8”/ Sept. 89 No Dowry, Parents stld NCR. 9215525469

  16. MD/MS/ MBBS M4 h’some fair, veg. brahmin boy July 1990, 5’11”, MBBS (pb), M.f. Hom (London) own hospital, in Yamunagar (Haryana). Parents doctor. 7206227777

  17. MEDICO match for handsom 30/5’9” Singhal boy doing Mch Govt inst, Delhi based status Doctors family 9810087797

  18. WANTED NCR based Girl: MD/ MS/ PQM for 32/ 167cm MD/MS/ PQM for 32/167cm MD, DNB Aesthesia SR in Top Govt. Hospital Delhi. Contact: 9267941148, 9873741316

  19. SM4 Agarwal doctor (MBBS-MS) Working govt. hospital 1990/5’3” from affluent HR Family upper cast no bar. #9873005139.

  20. SUITABLE match for doctor b’ ful agarwal girl 5’4”,/1993MD path 3rd year father doctor prefer MD,MS Contact no. 9927507476.

  21. TALL Doctor /IAS/IIT/NRL Match VBful /5’7” BR/34 MD Path /gold medalist/ issueless divorcee/ reputed drs frmly call / whatsapp 9999841373

  22. SM4 Medico ,MS(Gyne) girl 30,5’4”, very fair b’ ful kayastha manglik , earlier marriage short lived UP. Based highly edu. Status frmly . whatsapp 8795044888.

  23. SEEKS Medio match for gupta beautiful fair , attractive doctor girl 5’5” jan 92 doing MCH ( Plastic surgery) AIMS delhi m: 09811226601

  24. DOCTOR DM/MCH/MD/MS FOR B’Ful khatri Punjabi girl (patho) 5’4” ,11:52 AM 30-05-1994 NCR based DR. Frmly. # 8077824386, 9837893496.

  25. MBBS Government employed slim girl bragmin vats 27-11-86 born /5’5” seeks only mbbs +P.G Emplyee mob: 9936563525, 7905934836.

  26. 30/5’3” gaur Brahmin ncr based doctor girl pursuing DNM Radiotherapy (oncology) Brahmin frmly . pref. PG medio/ civil srvs 9416078666, 9599564835

  27. MD Match for Punjabi arora girl 5’,29 years MBBS,MD from PGL Rohtak. Delhi / NCR preferred contact 07988057843.

  28. DM/MD /MS/MBBS/PC/IAS . Dehradun based match for SC Chamar girl 5’1990 MD Pedia working mob no : 8126685152

  29. Beautiful fair slim, 5’4” 50kg , born 1992. MBBS MD Psychiatry, consultant in a premier corporate hostpital in delhi NCR.
    Trained in bharatnatyam and has completed arangetram, belongs to an affluent ,well educated and cultured family based in south delhi parents are well placed professionals, father ( Brahmin) is a doctor , mother (kayasth) is a PHD and runs large educational institutional . looking for a well educated boy from a cultured and affluent family. Caste no bar. Phone/ whatsapp: 9632488747

  30. DM/ MCH /MD/MS Non manglik match for Bansal 25/5’-1”, fair , slim beautiful girl , pursuing MCH (cornea) , first year , PGL , Chandigarh . belongs to high status business family , preferred new Delhi matches : 9915085535

  31. SM4 PUNJABI khatri fair good looking girl 5’2” 28 yrs MBBS Delhi working in govt. seeks well settled doctor . contact 9899384751 (agent please excuse ) .

  32. SM4 gurgaon Brahmin boy , MD (path), 1989’ 5’10” , UPSC selected , working in Delhi govt. hospital , prefer MD/ MS girl . # 9717048069 , 9717862970

  33. MEDICO match MD/MS h’some pujabi boy 5’8”/ sept.89 MD Anaesthesia SR-RML Delhi caste no bar no dowry NCR settled family 9215525469

  34. MBBS Government employed provide slim girl Brahmin vats 27-11-86 born /5’5” seeks only MBBS + PG employee, 9936563525 , 7905934836

  35. SM4 medico MS.(gyne) girl, 30,5’4”, very fair ,b’ful kayastha manglik, earlier marriage short lived. UP based highly edu. Status fmly.whatsapp; 8795044888.

  36. IAS/IPS /IRS MCH./ DM match for Dr. MD Radio-diagosis with 2 PDCC degrees from AIIMS beautiful separated Issueless girl 35/5’4″Father IAS settled in Noida prefferd Del/NCR # 9971790446

  37. Elite business family from south Delhi seeks Alliance for thier beautiful , very fair complexion sharp featue born 1991/5’5″Doctor Girl MBBS ,MS now preparing for MCH Looking from a equally well settled Surgeon in delhi Bio-Data to be sent through Whatsapp only contact : 9818031975

  38. Elite business family from south Delhi seeks Alliance for thier beautiful , very fair complexion sharp featue born 1991/5’5″Doctor Girl MBBS ,MS now preparing for MCH Looking from a equally well settled Surgeon in delhi Bio-Data to be sent through Whatsapp only contact : 9818031975

  39. FAIR pretty agarwal dr girl doing MS gyne 3 rd years 5’3″Oct 93 seeks t.t. handsome MD/ DM Dr boy from reputed family BGP to 9829233850

  40. MEDICO match for beautiful 28-05-91 Srivastava girl MBBS, DA Anaesthesia SR at Fortis Mohali UK caste no bar NM, 9877132237, 8437041347

  41. SUITABLE match for beautiful slim fair 30/5’2 Eye specialist doctor wokring in reputed hospital in delhi # 9871592234, 9810003534

  42. WANTED suitable hindu match for kayastha MBBS Girl DOB- Nov 93 Fair 5’4″Non Manglik Father Reputed Doctor settled in Bhopal. Caste No bar: mob: 9425600308

  43. MEDICO match for agarwak girl 90/5-4/pg gynae dgo/ working Government hospital reptd ggn based family seeks MD/ Ms doc agrl ncr family Whatsapp 9810236594