List of Antarctic territories

Territorial claims in Antarctica

1840 France Adélie Land142°02′E to 136°11′E
1908 United Kingdom British Antarctic Territory080°00′W to 020°00′Wincluding overlaps:80°00′W to 74°00′W claimed by Chile (1940)74°00′W to 53°00′W claimed by Chile (1940) and Argentina (1943)53°00′W to 25°00′W claimed by Argentina (1943)
1923 New Zealand Ross Dependency160°00′E to 150°00′W
1931 Norway Peter I Island68°50′S 90°35′W
1933 Australia Australian Antarctic Territory044°38′E to 136°11′E, and 142°02′E to 160°00′E
1939 Norway Queen Maud Land020°00′W to 044°38′E
1940 Chile Chilean Antarctic Territory090°00′W to 053°00′Wincluding overlaps:90°00′W to 74°00′W claimed by the United Kingdom (1908)74°00′W to 53°00′W claimed by the United Kingdom (1908) and Argentina (1943)
1943 Argentina Argentine Antarctica074°00′W to 025°00′Wincluding overlaps:74°00′W to 53°00′W claimed by the United Kingdom (1908) and Chile (1940)53°00′W to 25°00′W claimed by the United Kingdom (1908)
(Unclaimed territory) Marie Byrd Land150°00′W to 090°00′W
(except Peter I Island)
Antarctic Area14,200,000 km² 5,500,000 sq mi
Antarctic Population1,000 to 5,000 (seasonal)
Antarctic Population density<0.01 per km² <0.01 per sq mi
Antarctic DemonymAntarctic
Antarctic Internet
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